Common Symptoms of Alternator Failure

Common Symptoms of Alternator FailureThe alternator is a critical component of your vehicle that powers many electrical components while the engine is running and stores extra electricity in the battery to assist with starting. Troubles with the alternator will result in a vehicle that won't start, but before it gets to that point you will likely encounter one or more of the following signs of alternator trouble. If you notice any of these issues be sure to visit your local auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Consistently Dead Battery

The alternator is responsible for powering all sorts of equipment on the vehicle using the electricity it generates from the motion of the engine. The extra power it makes is stored in the battery. If the alternator fails the battery will be drained and the car will be unable to start. If you find yourself having to jump your car to get it going on a consistent basis, it's probable the alternator has failed.

ALT Light

Most vehicles have a dashboard warning light that reads ALT that will illuminate if sensors detect a problem with the alternator. This may be your first clue of an issue and you should head to the auto shop for repairs as soon as possible.

Flickering Lights

Since the alternator is responsible for keeping the lights on it is probable that you will experience dim or flickering headlights or dash lights. Since this is a safety concern it is important to get to the auto shop for proper diagnostics and repairs as soon as possible.

Radio/Accessory Trouble

The alternator also creates the power that is used by the radio and accessories such as power seats and windows Any troubles that you encounter with features such as these could be due to a failing alternator that is unable to produce enough electricity.

When you notice electrical troubles with your car be sure to get to a shop for diagnostics. If you believe you need alternator repair in Tacoma visit the team at Alltek Auto Repair. Our expert auto repair team can diagnose and fix anything that could be wrong with your vehicle. Give us a call at (253) 259-3893 to schedule an appointment for affordable auto repair in Tacoma or the surrounding area.

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