Top 5 Symptoms of Brake Trouble

Top 5 Symptoms of Brake TroubleWhen your car first rolled off the assembly line could stop on a dime, but after a few years and many thousands of miles, you may be noticing you are having to push harder and harder on the brake pedal to get your vehicle to slow. This is normal wear of brakes, but you shouldn't delay in getting them looked at and repaired as necessary, namely because the brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. Here are five warning signs of brake failure that should be cause enough for you to visit your local auto repair shop!

Brakes squeal or howl when applied

Usually, one of the first signs of brake failure is noise in the form of screeching, howling, squealing or grinding. There are two common causes for this when it comes to the brakes. The first involves brake pads that are designed to make noise when the pads are worn down, but the second reason is because you have no brake pads left and metal is grinding on metal, which is very dangerous. At the first sign of brake problems seek the expertise of a mechanic.

Brake pedal has lots of give

If you have to push harder or farther on the brake pedal to get a reaction from the brakes don't hesitate to visit an auto shop.. This is likely happening because the brake pads are greatly worn down, or another serious issue, such as air in the brake lines or faulty brake cylinder.

Vibrating or shaking

If your car shakes or vibrates, often felt in the steering wheel or brake pedal, when you hit the brakes then there is an issue with your system. One likely culprit is a warped rotor, meaning the brake pads don't have an even surface to rub against in order to slow your vehicle.

Car pulls to one side

When your car pulls to one side as you're braking it is likely that your brake pads are wearing unevenly, which is unsafe. Other issues could be a stuck brake cylinder or impurities in the brake fluid.

ABS light

The brake system equivalent to the check engine light is the ABS light. ABS stands for anti-lock braking system, and if the light on your dashboard comes on, you'll want to head to the auto shop for proper diagnostics.

If you suspect brake trouble, see a mechanic right away. For your safety, your passengers' safety and the safety of others on the road, it is your duty to make sure your vehicle can stop in a reasonable distance. For expert brake repair in Tacoma talk to the team at AllTek Auto Repair. We offer professional auto repair services for all makes and models. Give us a call at (253) 259-3893 to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Tacoma today.

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