My Car Won't Start... What is Wrong?

My Car Won't Start... What is Wrong?In order to get your car started there are several parts that need to work closely together. While it may seem easy to you to get your engine started, as all it takes is a turn of the wrist (or in some cases a push of a button), it is actually a very complicated process. When you do turn the key it creates an electrical pathway that allows electricity stored in the battery to activate the starter motor which in turn spins the motor to get the pistons pumping. The pistons compress the air and fuel mixture brought in by the fuel pump, injectors and fan, which allows for the car to begin running on its own. If your car won't start it is likely due to one of the following reasons.

Dead battery

The most common reason a car won't start is a dead battery. A battery may die if lights or accessories are left on when the vehicle's engine isn't running or simply because of the age of the battery. They generally last 3-5 years before a needing replacement.

Out of gas

It may seem silly, but sometimes we try to get farther than we think we can. If your tank is empty than you won't be able to get your car started.

Failed starter motor

The starter motor is electrically activated. After years of starting it may wear out and need replacement. Common signs of starter trouble include a buzzing noise when turning the key but more commonly a loud clicking or single click will occur when you try to start the car.

Bad alternator

The alternator is what produces electricity for the car to use as it runs. If the alternator wears out it will result in the battery eventually dying. Signs of a failing alternator include dim headlights, flickering dashboard lights and slow cranking.

Faulty ignition switch

If the ignition switch fails you will likely have a hard time differentiating this issue between a simply dead battery, as nothing will happen when you turn the key. However it may also become difficult to even turn the key if the switch is fried.

Fuel system trouble

There are three spot in the fuel system that could cause trouble. The fuel pump, the fuel filter and the fuel injector. The first can fail and the second two can become clogged or otherwise malfunction, thus preventing the flow of gas needed to start your car. This will result in the car cranking and cranking the engine, but not firing up.

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