Engine Repair/Swap in Tacoma, WA

Engine Repair/Swap in Tacoma, WAVroom, Vroom. The roar of a healthy engine can make your heart race, but the cry of an engine in despair will twist your stomach into knots. It is imperative that you act quickly when you suspect engine trouble, as problems will grow worse. Not only will your car struggle to run when faced with engine trouble, but it will generally become more expensive to repair the longer you wait to have it addressed. If your car is giving you any performance issues don't hesitate to call AllTek to request professional engine repair in Tacoma.

Engine Diagnostics

When you come to AllTek for engine services we will first complete pinpoint diagnostics to quickly identify the issue at hand. Whether it was the check engine light, a strange knocking noise, excessive exhaust or a decrease in performance that tipped you off to the trouble, we will get to the bottom of it, and get it fixed.

Engine Repair

There are many issues that can harm an engine, including cooling system or radiator damage, oil leaks, poor lubrication or detonation. Once the issue has been identified, We use high quality parts to complete the repair. Our team is highly skilled at all aspects of engine repair, so be sure to contact us if you have the slightest inkling of a problem.

Engine Rebuild

In some circumstances the best way to repair an engine is to conduct a complete engine rebuild. During a rebuild all parts are machined to factory specifications or replaced with factory correct parts, essentially returning the engine to a like new condition. After assessing your vehicle we will help you determine if an engine rebuild is the right choice for your vehicle. Rebuilds can also be completed to enhance performance using a variety of engine upgrades.

Engine Swap in Tacoma

Engine Swap in Tacoma, WAEngine swaps can be done for two reasons. The first, is because the vehicle's original engine is damaged and beyond repair, in which case an engine replacement is the simplest way to get the vehicle back on the road. In this case the replacement engine used is generally the same, or similar, to the vehicle's original engine. However, an engine swap may also be completed during the customization of a vehicle.

An engine swap is a popular way to quickly enhance the performance of a vehicle. We can do all types of engine swaps for all makes and models, including the popular Chevy 5.3 L swap. Conducting an engine swap is no simple task, but our expert technicians can complete all necessary modification and customization to make just about any engine fit in any vehicle! Come talk to us about your exciting project and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate for having the work done.

The technicians at Alltek Auto Repair are engine repair experts. At the first sign of trouble give us a call at (253) 259-3893 to schedule engine repair in Tacoma. We'd also love to talk you about your custom project for engine swaps and upgrades!