Transmission Repair/Rebuild in Tacoma, WA

Transmission Repair/Rebuild in Tacoma, WAAlltek Auto Repair is a transmission service specialist. Our team of expert technicians service automatic, manual and semi-automatic transmissions, offering factory maintenance, complicated repairs, complete rebuilds and transmission replacements. If you have difficulty getting through the gears, or can't get into gear, be sure to call us to schedule transmission repair in Tacoma. We will quickly diagnose the trouble and present you with your options for repair, providing you with our honest opinion about what would be best for your particular situation.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic transmissions are incredibly complicated mechanisms, but our team of technicians can complete any repairs to keep them shifting smooth. If you hear grinding noises, experience delayed shifting, or if you notice an automatic transmission fluid leak, give AllTek a call to schedule an appointment.

Manual Transmission Repair

If you still enjoy shifting through the gears with your own hand, be sure to provide your manual transmission with repairs and maintenance as necessary. Common signs of manual transmission trouble includes popping out of gear, a soft clutch pedal, inability to shift into a particular gear or a burning smell that occurs as you shift. Aside from servicing the transmission itself, we can also complete clutch repair.

Transmission Rebuild & Replacement

When simple repairs won't get you back on the road, our team can perform a professional transmission rebuild or transmission replacement. We will source factory correct parts for standard repairs, and offer advice for conducting transmission upgrades when working on a custom project. Our team has seen it all, so you can feel good about coming to us with the toughest transmission problems.

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance in Tacoma, WAMuch like the engine, the transmission requires routine maintenance. We can complete factory transmission maintenance, which includes draining the transmission of fluid, removing the transmission pan, cleaning or removing the transmission filter, if applicable, cleaning and reinstalling the pan with a new gasket and refilling the transmission with clean fluid. Proper maintenance is key to a long and healthy road life for the transmission.

At the first sign of transmission trouble be sure to call AllTek. We will get you back on the road fast and affordably! Call (253) 259-3893 to request transmission repair in Tacoma, Fife, Federal Way or the neighboring communities.

"Went to these guys when my clutch went out in my in my truck and they had me back on the road on to time. They have the best pricing in Tacoma."